Facts on Facts on Facts

Best. Podcast. Ever. (Maybe?)


Episode 4: Wine and Cheez-its and Silicon Valley and tech and we’re gr8

Like those wacky, wacky dinosaurs: we’re baaaack! We talk a little bit about our lives in the last three years and then talk about our lives as women in the tech industry. We also talk about the best tv show that deals with tech that is currently running (a very competitive category), HBO’s Silicon Valley.


Episode Three: Do It Well

We update everyone on our lives–engagements! Moving in together! We’re adulting!–and then tackle sexism in nerd culture. It’s a’ight.


Episode Two: Backflips & Burgers

There is religion, morality, atheism, Christianity, and then jizz and backflips. We like to keep it balanced. TW: R-word near beginning


Episode One: Two Girls, One Skype

We go through “The Man List” and take it down, piece by piece, like the amazing and talented and beautiful and flawless and pure and…