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Bonus Episode #1

Hey everybody! After a weekend of protesting (yay!) and inaugurations (ugh) we decided to do a quick and shitty recording session to talk it out. We swear it’s short(er than usual). Some things Trump has done in his first week that we forgot to mention: Start work on a border wall along the Mexican-American border…

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Episode 7: Fact and Fist

This time with more guest hosts (started at zero now we at one)! The girls return AS SCHEDULED (imagine that?!) and they brought with them an amazing guest host, Diana Martinez, to talk about the struggles and feminist issues surrounding engagement and marriage. We also talked about recent political sh*t (because how could you not?),…

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Episode 6: Two Cheeks, One Mic

Guess who’s back! Back again! It’s time to talk about our feelings about the election, discuss what people got wrong in their responses, and call Donald Trump a messy bitch many, many times. Stay tuned in the future for our new content calendar! From here on out we’ll be adding a new show every other…

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