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Episode 10: Struggle Cast

At the very last possible moment where we could: LET’S CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH!! In this week’s episode we talk about the #truth about the Black Panthers, go over some of the history of racial prejudice in this country (because┬ánot even the blessed queen Ava DuVernay could cover all of it in 90 minutes), celebrate…

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Episode 9: #BlackCandleLighting

We’re back with a new episode, pretending that we didn’t just randomly skip a week and hope that nobody noticed (we’re gr8 at our podcasting). In this episode we invade your ear hole with out singing, spend almost two hours on WHITE DEVIL WATCH 2k17, and go hard on Milo Yawannapopabitch. We also call Donald…

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Episode 8: Let’s Talk About Sex

Just what you never wanted to here us talk about in excruciating detail: SEX!! What can we say; we give the people what they want. In this episode we discuss the state of sex ed in California, queer sex ed, consent, how virginity is a social construct, and other boring things. Seriously boring. Mom, don’t…

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